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Previous Experience

Professional Membership

Sl No Name Designation Qualification
1 Ar.Sameer I.K Principal Master of Technology in Infrastructure Design and Management
2 Ar.Christopher Abhilash H.O.D M.Arch in Urban Design
3 Ar.Arun Kumar Chandran Professor Design Chair Bachelor of Architecture
4 Ar.Fathima Rishin Razak Academic Co-Ordinator M.Arch in Archtecture Education
5 Ar.Mohaideen Abdulkadar Proffessor M.Arch in Interior Architecture
6 Ar.K.Karthikeyan Asso.Professor Master of Archtecture
7 Ar.J.Rajkumar Asso.Professor Masters in Landscape Architecture
8 Ar.Sajith Vattappara Asso.Professor M.Arch in Advanced Architecture
9 Ar.Shilin C.P Asso.Professor M.Arch in Advanced Architecture
10 Ar.Ansil Subair Asst.Professor M.Arch in Advanced Archtecture
11 Ar.Benison George Asst.Professor Master of Planning
12 Ar.Aruun C Babu Asst.Professor M.Arch in City Planning
13 Ar.Vinayak V.P Asst.Professor Master of  Design
14 Ar.Karthika Prasad Asst.Professor Master of Design
15 Ar.Anupama Sivaram Asst.Professor Master of Planning(Housing)
16 Ar.GopaKumar.P P Asst.Professor Bachler of Archiecture
17 Ar.Gaury Padmachandran Asst.Professor M.Arch In Urban Design
18 Ar.Sruthy Saseendran Asst.Professor M.Arch in Landscape Archtecture
19 Ar.Harsha Ezuthupurakkal Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
20 Ar.Anju Joseph Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
21 Ar.Vignesh.P.N Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
22 Ar.Shyam Raj Chandroth Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
23 Ar.Nasif.TP Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
24 Ar.AmruthaLaksmi Asst.Professor M.Arch in Urban Design
25 Ar.Litta Wilson Asst.Professor Masters in Urban Design
26 Ar.Arun Kumar P.R Asst.Professor Master of Planning
27 Ar.Shariga R Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
28 Ar.Nipun George Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
29 Ar.Mahesh Ramakrishnan Asst.Professor Bachler of Architecture
30 Er.Reshma Jaipal Asst.Professor M.Tech in Construction Engineering and Management
31 Er.Bhavya.P Asst.Professor M.Tech in computer Aided Structural
32 Mrs.Smija Vijayan Asst.Professor Bachler of Fine Arts
Allied Faculty
33 Mr.Sasindradas P.S Asso.Professor MSW
34 Er.Anna Joseph Asst.Professor M.Tech in Energy and Environmental Engieering
35 Er.Jaison Joy Asso.Professor M.E.Power system Engineering
36 Er.Ramya Venugopal Asst.Professor M.Tech in Energy and Environmental Engieering